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We identify empathetic, tech-savvy candidates by simulating real-life customer support scenarios. Hire outstanding people, without looking through hundreds of applications.

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Identifying talent doesn't need to be difficult.

Our candidates are qualified — not because they have a certain personality type, or because they know how to use Microsoft Word — but because we’ve proven they can do the job that you’re hiring them for.

We’ve created an assessment that simulates real-life customer support situations, and evaluates how candidates perform. That way, you can reliably hire great candidates, without the guesswork of the traditional application process.


We test candidates on their ability to use customer support tools to perform common actions, such as searching for transactions and editing user information.


Empathetic candidates can identify why customers are frustrated — even when these frustrations are not clearly articulated.

Work environment

In addition to testing for communication skills, we ensure that candidates have reliable internet and are free from sonic distractions.

Writing ability

We evaluate grammar, spelling, clarity, and typing speed by analyzing writing samples in a mock-customer format.

Hire faster with Loop

We speed up the hiring process by sourcing and screening customer support agents for you. 

It takes weeks to post a job ad, wait for candidates to apply, sift through stacks of nearly-identical resumes, and coordinate interviews. Let’s face it — you don’t want to sit through more rounds of interviews than you need to, and neither do your job applicants.

With Loop, all you have to do is interview candidates once, to make sure it’s a true match.

Find the perfect match for your team

With Loop, you can use our dynamic filters to identify candidates who fit your logistical needs — from time zones to support channels.

Relevant skills

We match you with agents whose skills and experience are directly relevant to your company’s work.


Search for candidates based on their preferred hours, so you can cover early mornings, late nights, weekends, split shifts, and more.


Find customer support agents who are looking for full-time work, part-time work, and flexible arrangements.


We identify top customer support agents in the United States and the Philippines.

Omnichannel support

View candidates’ preferred support channels, from phone to email to SMS.

Loop vs. screening candidates manually


Reduced time-to-hire

Get started in days, not weeks. Not only are our candidates pre-screened, they're also ready to start.

Fewer interviews per hire

All candidates have passed our skills assessment, which drastically reduces the number of interviews required.

Fewer no-shows

We screen candidates for mutual interest, which leads to fewer interview no-shows.

Trusted by fast-growing startups

  • “We’ve tried hiring through job boards— Loop makes life so much easier.”

    Hassan Riggs
    CEO, Smart Alto
  • “After a quick onboarding process, we were able to significantly increase the quality of our customer support.”

    David Nordhausen
    COO, Blair

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